Coasson Funeral Vehicles

The COASSON Funeral Coach. A Dignified and Cost Effective Vehicle Solution for Conveyance and Display

Value Proposition

Immediate cost savings in a market seeing declining revenues

1. Purchase price of the Coasson is approximately 1/3 the cost of a typical new coach and less than the cost of a typical 8 year old used coach.

2. Coasson can be coupled with any vehicle capable of towing 3200 pounds. Funeral homes have the option of selecting any brand of vehicle from a sedan or SUV to a cross-over or a van and from a “low cost” model to a luxury class vehicle. Even a Tesla Model S has the capability of towing a Coasson and when towing a unit of this size the range remains at 76%. Profiles of the contemporary vehicles and interior trims make such selections acceptable depending on the specific demographic and provide great flexibility for funeral homes. Provided the color and perhaps the wheels (an available option) match the total unit is a very attractive presentation.

  • Creative funeral homes will use the draw vehicle as a family car or pall bearer vehicle and others will take the opportunity to pass or stop at a place of “final call” much as a police or fire procession does for last call with the Coasson carrying the casket or urn and UrnArk® and family in the lead vehicle. Many new options including thumb-drive video or still portraits and custom music options are possible in the vehicle.

  • Coasson significantly reduces cost of ownership by approximately 70% annually compared to a motorized coach.
    a. Lower maintenance costs (oil, fuel, engine maintenance, etc.)
    b. Lower license fees
    c. Lower insurance cost
    d. Eliminated model obsolescense
    e. Typically eliminates the need of one vehicle from the fleet in addition to the hearse as the Coasson has adequate room for flowers and the draw vehicle can serve as the lead vehicle.

  • Coasson is designed to facilitate one funeral director managing a funeral service with casket or urn since only one vehicle is required and the Coasson is designed to make handling the remains in either casket or urn an easy and efficient process.

    a. Rear up-swinging door makes operation easy
    b. Slide-out loading floor allows for easy loading and unloading of caskets, UrnArk®, or shrouded bodies on pallets for green burials.
    c. Electric stabilization jack with dolly is mounted on the front main cross member out of sight and makes hooking, unhooking, and managing the Coasson an easy one-person task.

Financial considerations unique to the Coasson value proposition are designed to preserve the funeral home cash flow position in the near term as well as throughout the course of the equipment’s life.

1. Existing fleet equipment can be purchased from the funeral home for cash at a price of guaranteed wholesale value minimum or more depending on condition or (excepting hearses) traded on the new vehicle(s) for the fleet supporting the Coasson.

2. Coasson credit approval including soft goods (embalming machines, urns, chemicals, etc.) when appropriate takes 4 hours using a simple electronic application process and can be completed and submitted by the sales representative or the funeral home executive to Coasson financing.

3. Coasson and UrnArk(r) can be delivered in 3 to 5 weeks. Fleet vehicle may take up-to 60 days.

4. Coasson and soft goods sold in the package may be financed for any period from 12 to 60 months with no early payoff penalty.

5. Financing is with no recourse to Coasson or to the sales organization.

Coasson presents many new revenue and marketing opportunities for innovative and flexible funeral homes who charge for or include some services as well as providing a potential opportunity to lower services selling prices while maintaining attractive margins due to lower operating costs.

1. Coasson can be coupled to the deceased’s favorite vehicle using a permanent or temporary hitch for procession to service and/or interment.

2. Coasson can transport remains (casket or cremains and UrnArk®) to distant locations instead of using air tray and shipping services. Family can accompany. Funeral assistant is a very good option and funeral home increases revenue as well as service. Families have an choice that is an attractive option to cremation because they have a way to handle a body and casket.

3. Coasson can, in states allowing services without funeral director involvement, be used by families who choose not to use the funeral home for anything beyond removal and cremation or now perhaps embalming. Having methodology to move embalmed remains may increase the embalming market in some locals.

4. Coasson increases marketing opportunity in that all Coassons can be equipped with a 12 inch diameter insignia of each branch of the United States military, a Christian cross, Star of David, police insignia, fire insignia, and a frame. The frame can accommodate a photo, printed matter such as a Bible verse, poem, etc. This unique copyrighted feature customizes the presentation very tastefully.

  • When carrying a spouse of a veteran to a veterans’ cemetery it is suggested that the veteran be invited to ride in the tow vehicle and the emblem attached to the tow vehicle to salute the service of the veteran.

  • Frame is a method to customize the Coasson as the casket or UrnArk(r) is loaded and the congregation is gathered.

  • Insignias may be placed in the Coasson windows or on the forward landau panel above the Scoville bar.

5. Coassons uniquely showcase urns and facilitate the use of floral blankets or draped American flags when using the UrnArk(r) in a manner not seen in any other funeral vehicle.

6. Coasson capitalizes on the heritage of a caisson while providing the prestige of a coach, that heritage presenting a marketing opportunity for creative funeral homes.

7. UrnArk® provides new revenue and marketing opportunities.

  • Can be rented to families who, in states in which cremation is final disposition, wish to have services or celebration of life services on their own absent funeral home involvement.

  • UrnArk® can be sold to cemeteries and/or churches who have bereavement committees and who serve families absent the funeral home.

  • UrnArk® can be marketed as facilitating pallbearers, casket style floral sprays, military flags, or, in some diocese, palls, all features not possible with typical urn presentations or with most other urn bearers.

  • UrnArk® accommodates casket corner medallions which can be sold as mementos separately and attached to the UrnArk® during viewing and service as well as frames for photos or other materials, or iPads for still pictures, videos, or specially-selected music.

8. Coasson can make available a book, authored by a Coasson executive officer, which is designed to accommodate contributing author involvement by individual funeral homes using a questionnaire format to develop the individual funeral home contribution. The resulting site-specific book would be of value in pre-need sales and general marketing.

Value vs Hearse

Average cost of a Hearse

Initial Loan Amount $140,000
Interest Rate 6.5%
for 5 Yrs (60 mos)

Average cost of a Coasson with an UrnArk included

Initial Loan Amount $40,000
Interest Rate 6.5%
for 5 Yrs (60 mos)